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Solar System: Stranded in no-man's-landMegan E. Schwamb	
 Nature  507, 435–436 (27 March 2014)
The inner Oort cloud.Text Box: Trujillo and Sheppard have detected an object, called 2012 VP113, that joins Sedna as the second confirmed body of the inner Oort cloud, a region believed to lie between the disk-shaped Kuiper belt of icy bodies and the spherical Oort cloud of long-orbital-period comets. Sedna is roughly 1,000 km across, whereas 2012 VP113 is estimated to be about 400 km in diameter. Perihelion is the orbital point of closest approach to the Sun; aphelion is the orbital point farthest from the Sun; 1 AU is the mean Earth–Sun distance. Objects in this diagram are not to scale.
Text Box: The inner Oort cloud.