Mitchell Waldrop; Complexity
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Waldrop; Complexity 12 Santa Fe Institute,    founded in the mid-1980s.
Waldrop; Complexity 35 QWERTY keyboard,    engineer Christopher Scholes in 1873,    slow typists down,    jam the keys. 23
Waldrop; Complexity 82 The liquidity of water is an emergent property.    Nothing in the equations of atomic physics    even hints at such a property. 47
Waldrop; Complexity 82 Life is an emergent property,    the product of DNA molecules and protein molecules and myriad other kinds of molecules,    all obeying the laws of chemistry. 0
Waldrop; Complexity 82 The mind is an emergent property,    the product of billions of neurons obeying the biological laws of the living cell. 0
Waldrop; Complexity 100 The place (Santa Fe Institute) was chaos. Arthur fell in love with it immediately. "I couldn't have designed a place that was better suited to my interests and temperament." 18
Waldrop; Complexity 101 Stuart Kauffman was an immensely creative man.    He emitted ideas nonstop. -    talking about his ideas out loud. 1
Waldrop; Complexity 102 Self-organization --    matter's incessant attempts    to organize itself into ever more complex structures,    even in the face of the incessant forces of dissolution of the second law of thermodynamics. 1
Waldrop; Complexity 118 Emergence -    incessant urge of complex systems    to organize themselves into patterns 16
Waldrop; Complexity 160 A cell assembly in the nervous system    can have as many as 10,000 neurons    distributed over a large part of the brain,    with as many as 10,000 synapses per neuron. 42
Waldrop; Complexity 164 Hebb's cell assemblies    were supposed to be the fundamental units of thought. 4
Waldrop; Complexity 167 All evolution can do is look for improvements,    not perfection. 3