Scientific Understanding of Consciousness
Consciousness as an Emergent Property of Thalamocortical Activity

Dynamic Core triggers Associated Memories


Dynamic core is sparse, widely distributed.

Dynamic core is functionally defined by a network pattern of simultaneously active synapses.

Dynamic core includes (tens/hundreds) of millions of neurons, billions of synaptic connections.


Individual neurons will be used and reused as appropriate in the moment-by-moment variation of the dynamic core.

Each projection neuron has a dendritic tree with about 10,000 synapses.

The pattern of active synapses in dendritic trees vary as the dynamic core varies.

Each varying instance of the dynamic core has a different pattern of active synapses, with billions of synapses active.

Closely similar dynamic core network patterns may use similar patterns of neurons and axons but significantly different patterns of dendritic tree synaptic connections.


The pattern of active synapses in a dynamic core is degenerate. Many slight differences in the pattern of active synapses can result in the same effective dynamic core.


Each individual neuron can be associated with many memory patterns.

The dynamic core can have a huge amount of partial memory pattern overlap, igniting many related memory pattern neurons.

The pattern of active synapses in the dynamic core injects activity into portions of many related memory patterns.

Partially overlapped memory patterns are cues that trigger activation of associated memories.



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