Scientific Understanding of Consciousness
Consciousness as an Emergent Property of Thalamocortical Activity




Schematic of ascending pathways, subcortical structures, and cerebral cortical structures involved in processing pain

ACC, anterior cingulate cortex

AMYG, amygdale

HT, hypothalamus

MDvc, ventrocaudal part of the medial dorsal nucleus

PAG, periaqueductal gray

PB, parabrachial nucleus of the dorsolateral pons

PCC, posterior cingulate cortex

PF, prefrontal cortex

PPC, posterior parietal complex

S-1 and S-2, first and second somatosensory cortical areas

SMA, supplementary motor area

VMpo, ventromedial part of the posterior nuclear complex

VPL, ventroposterior lateral nucleus

Science; 9 June 2000: Vol. 288. no. 5472, pp. 1769 1772; Psychological and Neural Mechanisms of the Affective Dimension of Pain; Donald D. Price; Departments of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Neuroscience, University of Florida, Health Science Center

Pain Neural Pathways