Schools Family Photos

 Family Reunion at Mamie’s  (Harry taking the picture of the group)


Front row:  William Smith, Alice Schools, and Sam Schools


Middle row:  Norma Styll with Dickie, Dick Styll, Mimi with Billy Tinder


Last row:  Myrtle Schools, Cecil Styll Tinder and Judy, Katharine Schools


Standing:  Mamie Schools Smith

Samuel Straughan Schools - probably at Oakley

Mary Emma Cecil Schools

Mary Emma Cecil Schools

Mary Emma about  84 years and Katharine

Mary Emma, Moody Schools Groves, Myrtle,

Sam Groves and Katharine

Percy Schools (on the left)

Katherine (Kate) Schools Brooks with

Daughter Margaret

Moody, Mamie, Sam, and Kate

Mamie, Myrtle, and Emma (Mimi)

Samuel S. (Sam) Schools

Sam Schools

Harry and Myrtle in the 1950s