Trinadad & Tobago '98

Asa Wright Lodge with veranda

View from Asa Wright Lodge veranda

Veranda at Asa Wright Lodge


Site of Blue Waters Inn at Speyside, Tobago

Scarlet Ibis coming in to roost

Birding Group with Bill, Kathy, and Cliff Johnson

Trinidad and Tobago

This was a birding trip with Cliff Johnson, one of the world's most accomplished birders with 7212 species of birds.


Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge, old coffee plantation

Centre is situated in a typical valley of Trinidad's Northern Range. The whole effect is one of being deep in a tropical rainforest.

Birding from the veranda of the Lodge.  Many hummingbirds, Chaannel-billed toucan, Blue-crowned mot mot, many tropical tanagers

Rufous-tailed Jacamar

Raucous noise of the Crested Oropendola

Group hike down to Dunstan Cave, a riparian grotto to see the colony of nocturnal Oilbird

Night visit to old abandoned US airfield to see parauques, nightjars

Trip to the Caroni Swamp, take boat out into this swamp at dusk to see Scarlet Ibis as they come in to roost

All-day excursion over the Northern Range to the seaside village of Blanchisseuse

Trip to bay to see Red-bellied macaws returning PM

Trinidad's east coast and the Nariva Swamp. This is the largest freshwater herbaceous swamp in Trinidad. Along its edges are found "palm islands" where the tall Moriche Palm is common. -- picnic dinner, group picture


Blue Waters Inn at Speyside

Trip to little island -- steep climb

Man playing sax out in the water

"Liming" signs

see working to lek - manikins

Glass-bottom boat to Little Tobago Island

Banequit came into open-air restaurant at breakfast, lifted foil from jam dish, proceeded to demonstrate to young one and both ate

Bill left behind little notebook which guide mailed back to him


Richard French; A Guide to the Birds of Trinidad And Tobago -- (bird sightings marked)

Birds in Trinidad And Tobago -- (photographs)


Rum Punch

Delicious meals own site and picnics

Trinidad and Tobago Schedule

18 Feb 98 ---------------------------------------- Wednesday

Flight to Tobago

Red glow horizon sunset from plane, 17 kft, 7 p.m.

19 Feb 98 ---------------------------------------- Thursday

20 Feb 98 ---------------------------------------- Friday

Bird song begins at 6:15 a.m.

Fourth-quarter moon high in sky

calming bird feeding, very fast for flowers per second

Bracket Fungus

Large bamboo

Sandbox tree, .pointy bumps

Large palm tree

balsa tree, flowers, yellow/white

21 Feb 98 ---------------------------------------- Saturday

Pair of parrots flapping, flying fast, squawking loudly

Beautiful beach, whitecaps, breakers

Yellow-headed caracara

Cattle egrets

Parrot pair in flight, orange wing, approximately 1 wingspan apart

rooster, rufous, black tail, red comb, sunlight

22 Feb 98 ---------------------------------------- Sunday

15 black vultures, top snags of tree

Black vultures assending thermal, many dozens

23 Feb 98 ---------------------------------------- Monday

Leafcutter Ants

Soldier Ant

24 Feb 98 ---------------------------------------- Tuesday

25 Feb 98 ---------------------------------------- Wednesday

26 Feb 98 ---------------------------------------- Thursday

Cliff Johnson, 7212 species of birds

Steel Band

27 Feb 98 ---------------------------------------- Friday

28 Feb 98 ---------------------------------------- Saturday

Sunset on the Ocean

Sun sinks below ocean horizon

1 Mar 98 ---------------------------------------- Sunday