Scientific Understanding of Consciousness
Consciousness as an Emergent Property of Thalamocortical Activity

Text Box: Bow-Tie Representation of Model Cortical Network

A bow-tie representation of the model cortical network. The dense core (92%) is shown in the middle. The left and right wings of the tie were obtained based on the feedforward and feedback (FF/FB) counterstreams into and from the core.

Nikola T. Markov,, Cortical High-Density Counterstream Architectures, Science, November 2013: Vol. 342 no. 6158

This figure is abstracted from a research study:


Research Study — Small-World Networks for Cortical Architecture

The Bow-Tie Representation of a Model Cortical Network blends well with a number of models and functions of consciousness studies:

Fuster’s Perception-Action Cycle

Damasio’s Convergence-Divergence Zones

Edelman’s  Core Consciousness Diagram

Bayesian Inference in Brain Functionality

Reentry and Recursion

Complexity, Self-Organization, Emergence

Oscillation, Synchronization

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