Links to Reference Book Paraphrases
Author Book Number of paraphrases
Afifi Functional Neuroanatomy 215
Andersen The Hippocampus Book 842
Andreasen Creating Brain 79
Arbib Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks  559
Baars Essential Sources in Scientific Consciousness—Table of Contents 68 papers
Baars Essential Sources in Scientific Consciousness—Paraphrases 462
Baddeley Memory 367
Baddeley Working Memory 224
Bloom Brain from Scientific American 211
Buzsáki Rhythms of the Brain 458
Calvin Neil's Brain 81
Carroll From DNA to Diversity TOC
Carter Mapping the Mind 185
Changeux Neuronal Man 159
Corkin Permanent Present Tense  
Cowan Attention and Memory 85
Crick Astonishing Hypothesis 115
Damasio Descartes Error 51
Damasio Feeling of What Happens 254
Damasio Looking for Spinoza 181
Damasio Self Comes to Mind 287
de Duve Singularities 0
de Duve Vital Dust 1
Dehaene Reading in the Brain 76
DePaulo Understanding Depression 22
Doya Bayesian Brain 43
Dudai Memory from A to Z 58
Eccles Evolution of the Brain 91
Edelman Bright Air 88
Edelman Neural Darwinism  28
Edelman Remembered Present 159
Edelman Universe of Consciousness 170
Edelman Wider Than the Sky 124
Edelman and Mountcastle  Mindful Brain 42
Eichenbaum Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory  194
Fix High-Yield Neuroanatomy  
Fuster Cortex and Mind 427
Fuster Memory in the Cerebral Cortex 311
Fuster The Prefrontal Cortex 393
Gardner Frames of Mind -- Theory of Multiple Intelligences 168
Gazzaniga Human: Science Behind Unique 373
Gilbert Developmental Biology 7
Gleick Chaos 3
Gluck Gateway to Memory 186
Greenfield The Human Brain  
Greenfield Journey to the Centers of the Mind 381
Greenfield Private Life of the Brain 138
Greenspan First Idea 13
Hameroff Science of Consciousness I 16
Hameroff Science of Consciousness II 151
Hameroff Science of Consciousness III 78
Hebb Organization of Behavior 15
Hirsch Neuroanatomy 120
Hobson Consciousness 135
Hobson Dream Drug Store 53
Hobson Dreaming as Delirium 108
Hobson Dreaming:  Intro to Science of Sleep 93
Holland Emergence 5
Holland Hidden Order 6
Horstman  Day in  Life of Your Brain 400
Horstman  Healthy Aging Brain 522
Horstman  Love, Sex, and the Brain 205
Houk Models of Basal Ganglia 106
Hubel Eye, Brain, and Vision 50
Hurley Inside Jokes 94
Insel Cerebrum 2009 61
James Principles of Psychology - Volume 1 32
James Principles of Psychology - Volume 2 35
Johnston Why We Feel 118
Kandel In Search of Memory 145
Kandel Principles of Neural Science 1124
Kauffman At Home in the Universe 27
Koch Neuronal Theories 228
Koch Quest for Consciousness 113
LaBerge Attentional Processing 89
Laureys Neurology of Consciousness 246
LeDoux Emotional Brain 180
LeDoux Synaptic Self 363
Levitin This Is Your Brain on Music 89
Lieberman Human Language 214
Linden   Compass of Pleasure 80
Llinás Biology of the Brain - Neurons to Networks 15
Llinás I of the Vortex 149
Llinás Mind-Brain Continuum 142
Llinás Workings - Dev, Mem, Percept 15
McEwen Cerebrum 2007 61
Metzinger Neural Correlates of Consciousness 214
Miller Human Frontal Lobes 198
Mlodinow Subliminal 100
Moore Perception of Speech 146
Nelson & Cox Lehninger - Principles of Biochemistry  
Osaka Working Memory 41
Pace-Schott Sleep and Dreaming 35
Parasuraman Attentive Brain 284
Pinel Anatomy of the Human Brain 179
Pinker How the Mind Works 23
Pinker Language Instinct 0
Posner Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention 179
Purves Neuroscience 385
Ramachandran A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness 86
Ramachandran Phantoms in the Brain 255
Ramachandran Tell-Tale Brain 165
Ratey User’s Guide to the Brain 659
Revonsuo Inner Presence 193
Rolls Brain and Emotion 106
Rolls Emotion Explained 200
Rolls Memory, Attention, and Decision-Making 395
Rolls Neural Networks and Brain Function 144
Rolls Noisy Brain 130
Sacks Migraine 144
Sacks Musicophilia 92
Sanes Development of the Nervous System 23
Sapolsky Biology and Human Behavior 31
Schneck & Berger The Music Effect 115
Schnupp Auditory Neuroscience 43
Searle Mind — A Brief Introduction 10
Searle Mystery of Consciousness 36
Shepherd Synaptic Organization of the Brain 233
Shermer Believing Brain 15
Sporns Networks of the Brain 85
Squire Fundamental Neuroscience 464
Squire Memory and Brain 50
Squire & Kandel Memory 181
Strogatz Sync 0
Thagard Brain and the Meaning of Life 161
Traub  Cortical Oscillations 281
Vogt Cingulate Neurobiology 232
Waldrop Complexity 12
Whittle  Cosmology, History and Nature of Our Universe  
Zald Orbitofrontal Cortex 175
Zeman Consciousness - A Users' Guide 204
Zimmer Cerebrum 2008  46
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